Scared 5-Year-Old Left Alone Leads Police to Find Mom in VERY Compromising Situation

When you're a mom, it's only natural that you may at times pine for the days when you were wild, carefree, and free of parental responsibilities. But, at the end of the day, you know you owe it to your kids to be responsible, so maybe you kick back with a glass (or three) of wine instead.

Here's what you don't do -- what you never, ever do -- leave your two young children in your apartment alone so you can have a threesome with your guy pal and another woman. In a hot tub. In your apartment complex -- like, outside, where everyone can see you. Yep, that's what Arizona mom Gina Marie Rayner reportedly did, and would have continued to do, had her 5-year-old son not attracted attention by roaming around the building and calling, "Mommy, mommy."


Rayner, 28, joined her boyfriend, Anthony Vechiola, 30, and Jennifer Duchnowski, 29, in the apartment complex hot tub in Peoria, and the three reportedly began to have sex. When a neighbor noticed Rayner's child outside alone and searching for his mom, she called police. Now, here's the kicker: cops had to physically break up the threesome. They apparently continued to have sex while the officer was standing there.

As it turns out, Rayner has a 3-year-old son, as well, and she left him alone in Vechiola's apartment while they went out to do the nasty. You may not be shocked by this, but cops say that the three were drunk. Is anyone else dying to know what kind of magical alcohol would inspire one to do this, or is it just me? My money is on tequila.

Rayner was arrested on suspicion of child abuse and her partners in crime were ordered held in lieu of $2,100 bond. Duchnowski has since been released.

I understand the desire to be as sexually adventurous as you were prior to having kids, and by all means, follow your desires. But HELLO, do it in private. And, for the love of God, call a babysitter first. 

Do you think this mom deserves to be charged with child abuse?


Image via Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

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