8-Year-Old Boy Shot While Sleeping Soundly in His Bed

We hear this story too many times. A child, sleeping soundly in bed, and suddenly his or her life is cut short. This tragic situation has happened yet again, this time in Detroit. An 8-year-old boy, Jakari Pearson, was sleeping at home when a bullet tore through the house and hit him. He has died. Family reportedly suspect the gunman may be the former partner of the boy's mom.


The police say that they have a "pretty good idea" of the suspect although they have not yet tracked the person down.

It takes a coward of the worst order to fire blindly into a home. Not that I would wish anyone to die in this manner, but why is it we always hear about the innocent child who gets killed? The one who had nothing to do with any beef?

The little boy's mom was reportedly shot too but survived. Said a neighbor:

It’s just crazy that this would happen, you know, there are so many kids that live over here. For someone to shoot into anyone’s home over here, it’s a potential chance that they would hit a kid.

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Obviously, this twisted gunman didn't care. Police say at least five bullets were fired, three hitting the house. Jakari was asleep upstairs in a bedroom -- a place where he should have been perfectly safe.

Jakari loved to play baseball and was described as "always smiling." He did not deserve this. Hopefully police catch the cowardly thug who did this.


Image via Yury Ostromentsky/Flickr

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