Murdered 14-Year-Old Sends Horrifying Text Right Before Her Death

Did a teenage girl send out a text message to her boyfriend telling him that she was about to be murdered? This might be the tragic case with 14-year-old April Millsap, who was walking her dog along a bucolic trail in Armada, Michigan, when she apparently sent a text to her boyfriend that read, "OMG ... I think I am being kidnapped." She was later found dead on the trail, her faithful dog guarding her body.


April always walked her dog, Penny, along the same trail, in the early evening. But after April -- or someone -- sent the message, she disappeared. The only witness to the murder, her dog, later barked at joggers, who found her body.

The text message is key to the investigation, though police don't yet know if April actually sent the text, or her murderer did, or maybe even someone else entirely. If it wasn't April who sent the text, it's a good bet whoever did is responsible for this horrible crime or knows who is.

Could April have managed to send a text while being kidnapped and murdered? And if she could reach her phone, why not dial 911? Could someone have sent the message to throw off police? I'm sure police are investigating all angles. They would not yet reveal how she was killed.

Whatever happened, it's a tragedy. April lived in a sparsely populated woodsy area where everyone knew everyone. Who would think something so horrific would happen? You send your teen out with her dog on a trail she's walked many times before, you expect her to return safely.

Police are looking for a gray 'painter’s-type' box van with dents on it and two men inside, who were seen in the area around the time of her murder. They are also looking for a man in his 20s with medium-length curly hair.

Do you think April sent the text herself?


Image via Help For April's Family/GoFundMe

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