6 Children Found Starving & Living in Bug-Infested Home With Pigs

Six South Carolina children -- whose ages range from 1 to 10 years old -- were taken from their home after police discovered they were starving and living in absolute filth in a house that was infested with roaches, fleas, and practically taken over by real-life pigs.

Parents Jarrod Wiggins, 41, and Deanna Boubaries, 22, have been arrested and charged with six counts of child neglect each. Their horrific living situation was uncovered after staff members at a vacation Bible school camp, which the children were attending this summer, noticed they were covered with bug bite marks and devoured plates of food at mealtime. They reportedly told counselors they didn't get much to eat at home.

Police were called and welfare officials visited their home to investigate. Needless to say, they were likely horrified by the deplorable conditions these kids were forced to live in.


Workers say that, as they approached the house, they could smell sewage. Apparently, pigs had rooted under the house and had caused significant damage to the pipes, which made raw sewage leak. And inside the home was no better: in addition to finding another pig and three dogs, the floors were reportedly covered in feces and urine. Roaches and insects were found all over the appliances, inside of the fridge and stove, and floating in the bathtub.

The children also reportedly had fleas and lice.

All of their kids were placed in emergency protective custody. Boubaris has been released on bail and Wiggins remains in jail on a $72,000 bond.

Please explain why anyone would have children only to neglect their needs? There are so many competent, caring people out there who can't have kids -- who get put through the ringer when they try to adopt children -- that it's sickening to think of six innocent souls whose parents reportedly let them live in squalor. Let's hope these parents either get the help they need to clean up their act and provide for their children, or that these kids get the care they deserve.

Why do you think these parents would let their children live in filth?


Image via Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office

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