Man’s Chilling Facebook Posts Warn of His Killing Spree (VIDEO)

A husband who discovered his wife was cheating on him reportedly killed her, her boyfriend, and then tried to kill himself, police say. Shaun Hiles of Kentucky reportedly tracked down his wife as she arrived at a home with another man, and when the two tried to flee, chased them down in his truck, rammed them off the road, and then shot them both. Scarily, he seemed to have warned friends on his Facebook page of the carnage to come.


Despite the fact that the couple were estranged and the wife had asked for a restraining order against her husband, which was to be signed the night of the murders, Hiles was announcing on Facebook that he'd caught his wife "cheating" on him. On July 24, he wrote:

The moment you check your cell phone bills and catch your wife cheating on you priceless.

Facebook friends offered emotional support and told him to call them, but he either didn't, or that didn't matter. This was a man on a deadly mission, which he announced with the words:

The war has began!!!!!

He also posted several insulting things about the boyfriend, despite friends begging him to keep his private life private.

Police say they had been to the Stiles' home numerous times over domestic violence incidents, and that the wife, Nicole, was trying to "get away" from him but that he decided to "chase after" the couple. He shot the two of them, then himself. They are both dead, but Stiles survived and is in critical condition.

You wonder if there is something the Facebook friends could have done to alert police to what might happen, however, given that a restraining order didn't stop him, that likely wouldn't have either. Especially since he didn't make any direct threats against them.

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Friends also begged him to move on and that better things were in store for him -- but clearly he did not believe that. It's a tragedy that he resorted to this, especially since the couple appear to have a daughter whom his Facebook posts showed he loved very much.

Have you ever seen anything on Facebook that worried you?


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