Dad Punches Man for Ogling His Daughter at Convenience Store

clenched fistFamiliar with the notion of the protective Mama Bear? You know, the mom who will viciously protect her young? Well, she ain't got nothing on Papa Bear. Case in point: a dad knocked out a man for leering at his daughter in a Pennsylvania Wawa convenience store. Now police are on the hunt for him.


Apparently, the dad and his daughter walked into the store, and when he noticed the man ogling her, he didn't say a word and just hit him.

I imagine that many parents can understand the reaction. We don't want anyone to treat out children like a piece of meat or have indecent thoughts about them. It makes our blood boil. However, fact of the matter is assaulting someone is a crime -- no matter what your reason. And why didn't this dad try to confront him verbally first? Why was violence the first reaction?

The punch caused some very serious injuries, and the overprotective pop could face criminal charges. Police released the following image of the attacker in hopes of finding him:


It all seems like a bit of an overreaction. It's unclear how old his daughter is, but it's clear she isn't a small child. For better or worse, people have a right to look whether you want them to or not. They can stare, leer, even lick their chops at the sight of someone and that is perfectly within their rights.

What do you think about how this father reacted?


Images via © Blue Jean Images/Corbis and Upper Darby Police Department

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