Mom Caught Shoplifting Leaves Kids Behind as She Flees Store (VIDEO)

If you get caught shoplifting, it's not too surprising that you might want to make a run for it. Unless, that is, you make a run for it -- and leave your two young kids behind. That's what police say Florida mom Rebecca Stoltz did when security caught her pilfering $44 worth of Walmart clothing -- she booked out of the store, apparently forgetting (or not?) that her two young daughters were still in the aisles.


As Stoltz bolted from the store, her two kids, a 6-year-old daughter and 9-year-old stepdaughter, were left behind after she drove off. Police found them crying and "clearly distressed" and "very emotional." It's bad enough to shoplift, even worse to do it when your kids are present -- but you pretty much reach the pinnacle of worse when you then take off on your kids so that you might save your own hide.

But Stoltz apparently didn't completely forget about her children -- she reportedly called a friend to go pick them up. Well, that's nice.

When the friend arrived at the store, she gave the number of the runaway mom to cops, who called her. She then came back to the store -- and was arrested on the spot. What a horrible experience for these kids.

But let's look at this another way. How desperate was the mom that she felt she had to shoplift clothing? On the one hand, it's not formula or diapers, nor something else that normally tugs on our heartstrings. It was clothes. Unless you have NO clothes, you can usually do without new clothes.

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And she could have just panicked when she left the kids. She did at least call a friend to go get them.

Should her kids be taken away? Hard to tell based on this one story. That could just lead to even more trauma for the kids. On the other, they definitely need a better role model. Sounds like this mom's top priority is herself and not her children.

Do you think her kids should be taken away?

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