Parents of Toddlers Killed by Falling Dresser Charged With Despicable Crimes (VIDEO)

dresserA few weeks ago, hearts broke across the country when news came out that two toddler girls were killed by a dresser that fell on them in their Pennsylvania home. The girls, Brooklyn Beatty, 2, and her sister, Ryely Bailey, 3, both died from asphyxiation after they were pinned to the ground by the dresser they were playing on in their room. Initially, the incident was chalked up as a sheer accident, but upon further investigation, cops are now charging their father, David Beatty, Jr., with involuntary manslaughter.


According to reports, Beatty's story has changed numerous times since his daughters' tragic death. At first, he told police that he responded to the crash in the girls' room "within seconds." Then, he changed his account of what happened, saying that it more likely took him about "10 to 15 minutes" to respond, as he was using the bathroom when he heard the noise. "Throughout the times that we've interviewed Mr. Beatty, the story has changed approximately two or three times," police Detective Captain Ryan Pudik said.

Sadly, it's believed that if Beatty responded to his daughters sooner, they would both be alive. Autopsies determined that the toddlers couldn't breathe due to the heavy weight of the dresser pressing against them. The forensic pathologist who performed the autopsies said, "If the children's caregiver, namely David Beatty, would have reacted immediately to the sound of the bang, both children would have survived this incident without significant injury." Heartbreaking. 

In addition to Beatty's involuntary manslaughter charge, both he and his wife, Jennifer Beatty, are being charged with endangering their kids with the unsafe, unsanitary condition of their home. Police believe that the state of their house alone was enough to put their girls at risk.

Regardless of the state of their home or the amount of time it took for David to respond to the crash in his daughters' room, both parents are likely heartbroken over this truly tragic accident. No parent, no matter how neglectful or irresponsible, would wish to be in this horrible position. But that said, if it turns out that David did take 20 minutes or so to get to his daughters after he heard a bang (and then nothing, which is the scariest noise of all), maybe it isn't so crazy to charge him. After all, if the thing that could have saved these poor girls was an adult immediately coming to their aid, how could the only adult at home with them not be held accountable?

Incredibly sad, but hopefully, at the very least, this will prevent future tragic accidents like this from happening again in the future.

Do you think it's right to charge David Beatty with involuntary manslaughter?



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