Teen Kills Mom, Self in Suspected Murder-Suicide Pact

teen and mother suicide pactA terrible tragedy happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that has orphaned 8-year-old twins and claimed the life of their 17-year-old brother. The teen, Joseph Crabtree, and his mother, 50-year-old Kimberly Crabtree, are believed to have made a suicide pact. It was reported that Joseph shot his mother and then himself with a gun the mom purchased just hours before the terrible incident.

Police say there was a suicide note, which mentions the pact the mother and son made. A child's suicide is every parent's nightmare, and to think they may have planned this together is unfathomable and shows the depths of their despair.


There may always be more questions than answers in a case like this, but investigators did say that the mother planned her death at the hands of her son. Neighbors reported that Kimberly was in poor mental health and police followed that up with the fact that there were mental health-related calls to the home in the past.


The family had moved to the neighborhood four years ago, but the 8-year-old twins had been staying on the East Coast for the past couple of months. Joseph had just returned from a trip to visit his siblings. His friend Emily Bundy told reporters that she believed he arrived home from his trip Monday night because that's what Kimberly told her. Emily had been texting Joseph with no response, so she texted his mom to find out if he was okay. The incident happened on Tuesday. Bundy also said that when she talked to Joseph about coming over to play Monopoly with him and his mother, Joseph replied that it would bring "life back into the house."

It's clear this family was struggling and it's so terribly sad they couldn't be helped. Joseph seemed like a typical teenager. His Facebook page depicted him as a happy teen with many friends. Still, his friend Emily did say his father's death from a heart attack six years ago changed him and he did experience anxiety. How tragic that another family is destroyed by suicide. More needs to be done to help those with mental illness. 

If you or someone you know is thinking of suicide, please get help. Call 1-800-273-8255 (TALK).

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