Teen on African Mission Trip Accused of Gruesome Acts Against Orphans

African OrphanageSome stories are so disturbingly awful they make you want to call it a day for humanity. This is one of those stories. I apologize in advance. An Oklahoma teenager has been charged with "four counts of traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct" with children. Orphaned, African children.

Court records show that 19-year-old Matthew Durham has confessed to "raping several young girls, forcing some boys to perform oral sex on him and even making other kids watch," while volunteering on mission trips to a Kenyan children's home.


Please excuse me while I throw up in my mouth and weep at the depravity in the world.

Durham has volunteered at the Nairobi orphanage multiple times over the past two years with the organization Upendo, which "assists neglected Kenyan kids by providing food, housing, clothes and religious instruction." Allegedly, he asked to stay overnight with the children, rather than the off-site accommodations. 

An affidavit for the court says that while he initially denied raping and molesting the kids, he later admitted to "struggling with homosexuality and child pornography."He also apparently wrote "graphic statements about the alleged incidents," which were handed over to the U.S. Embassy.

Prosecutors say that even though the alleged crimes took place overseas, Durham can be tried in Oklahoma.

The children in question are believed to be between the ages of four and nine, both boys and girls, and at least one of whom is HIV positive.

Durham is being held without bond, and faces life in prison if convicted. If he did these unspeakable things to those poor kids, it hardly seems like life in prison would be enough.

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His defense attorney, Steven Jones, seemed to blame the orphanage for the ordeal. He said, "The events that occurred in Kenya the last maybe five six days that Matt was there frankly reveal some sort of pseudo-tribal psychological voodoo practiced on him, including confiscating his passport, false imprisonment, keeping food from him one day, delay in allowing him to depart from the country, misleading his parents. I don't think Hollywood could make up what happened at this so-called orphanage."

Is he really trying to blame the witch doctor? Ugh, this whole story just sucks. If Matthew Durham really did rape and molest orphans while on a mission trip, I think we can officially crown him Worst Person in the World.

Is this the most depraved story you've heard in at least a year?


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