Man Arrested for Killing 11-Year-Old & Trying to Make It Look Like Suicide

A poor little girl knew what was best for her mom and came to her rescue. And for that she paid with her life. An 11-year-old girl had her throat slashed in her home -- and her mother's ex-boyfriend was charged. Reportedly, the girl had finally convinced her mother to dump the abusive boyfriend. And cops say the man got his revenge.


Miguel Ruiz Lobo, the former live-in boyfriend of Amauria Alvarenga, allegedly killed 11-year-old Marta Guzman and then attempted to make it look like a suicide.

Police say the girl's throat was slashed and because she had a history of cutting herself, her death was originally thought to be a gruesome suicide. But autopsy results say it was homicide.

Ruiz had told police he had had no contact with Guzman in over a week before her death; however, surveillance cam video caught him entering the residence where the girl lived with her mom, but was alone at the time, and leaving 32 minutes later. No one then entered the home until her mom did -- and she found her daughter dead.

Ruiz also reportedly had fresh scratches on his face after the murder, and his DNA was reportedly found under her fingernails.

Guzman had apparently told her mother that Ruiz was emotionally abusive towards her. The Miami Police Chief told a local station:

It all stems from the little girl and her mother did not get along with Mr. Ruiz, who was the boyfriend of the mother, and eventually the little girl convinced mom to break up with Mr. Ruiz. Mr. Ruiz was not happy about it. He returned to the house when the girl was alone. He used a key that he knew the whereabouts of the key, and we believe he entered and killed the young lady.

The little girl, who was a straight-A student, went down fighting, and luckily that led to Ruiz's arrest.

What a horrible story. This poor little girl was put in a position no child should be in -- telling her mom that the man she was with was no good.

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The mom then tried to do the right thing by getting rid of Ruiz -- but that led to her daughter's terrifying death. It doesn't get much worse than this.


Image via Miami-Dade Police

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