Man Arrested for Fondling Girls at Water Park Blames It on Big Waves (VIDEO)

A man surfing the waves at a man-made lagoon in Disney World was arrested after a big wave knocked him over, and his hand touched a group of girls standing in same wave. That's his side of it anyway. The girls say they were fondled and molested. The guy says it's all just a big misunderstanding. Perry Stiles, 54, was arrested on charges of battery and lewd molestation after a girl complained that his hand had touched her buttocks. Another girl said she was waiting for a wave when the same thing happened. The girls said they saw the man touch two other girls too. And a male witness backed up their accounts. But Stiles has a very different version of events.


Stiles told a local TV station:

It was a 10-foot wave, it was accidental. No one made me aware that they felt violated in the waves. I didn't know that until afterwards. I don't know who my accusers are.

When questioned by the reporter why four girls would have the same story, he answered:

Well, they were all swimming together, from my understanding. That's all I could say. If anyone feels violated, I apologize, that was never my intention.

Stiles has no previous arrest record in Florida. His wife was with him and said the waves were rough and people were being flung about. Could he be telling the truth?

Children and teens need to be able to come forward with stories of adults taking advantage of them -- they need to feel that their accounts are being believed.

On the other hand, is it possible that children now are so hyperalert to signs of molestation that the merest brush of a hand could send them running to the nearest cop?

I admit I get scared of being alone with kids I don't know, even for a second. Awhile ago, a little kid in my building suddenly began following me down the hallway. I turned a corner and realized the kid and I were alone -- the mom was farther down the hall and couldn't see us. Suddenly, the kid ran back to his mom and I heard him yell, "She -- " and my heart leapt in my throat. Was this kid about to say I'd done something to him that I had not?

I kept walking and reached my destination without anyone coming after me to accuse me of anything untoward, but the whole thing made me nervous.

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On the other hand, there certainly ARE perverts out there. I met a couple myself when I was a kid, and "accidentally" brushing their hand along a young child's privates is a favorite game of theirs.

What exactly happened here, I can't tell you. But it's bad news for all parties involved.

Do you think that accidental touching can sometimes be misconstrued?

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