Man Mails Drugs Disguised in Skittles Bag to 2-Month-Old Baby

skittlesSome would-be criminal masterminds certainly get an A for creativity. Cops say Michael Foreste tried to outsmart them by mailing a bag of Skittles filled with oxycodone to a 2-month-old baby.


Unfortunately for this pill peddler, his customers were cooperating with the DEA, and agents intercepted the package he mailed from the house he shared with his mother. On June 11, they nabbed it at the baby's Winooski, Vermont home.

To Foreste's credit, he really invested in the ruse. In the box, he included a stuffed animal, a baby's bib, a small purse, and two bags of the Skittles. However, one of those bags held 305 oxy tablets instead of the sweet treats. The bags had even been resealed using a heat sealing device of some kind. More pills came the next day -- all under the infant's name.

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That's a lot of effort. And the payoff would have been huge. Those pills sell for $30 a piece. Clearly this guy has tenacity, dedication, and some level of skill. People have tried to smuggle drugs in a myriad of ways -- by ingesting, stuffing up their butts, placed in pets. But this is a first for my ears. It just shows that criminals have to get ridiculously creative these days. Thank goodness the cops/DEA are usually one step ahead. And perhaps Foreste should use his remarkable skill set to get a real job next time.

Have you ever heard of someone smuggling drugs this way?


Image via Micky/Flickr

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