Mom Admits to Police She Killed Her 4-Year-Old Daughter

A Texas mother was arrested after she reportedly walked into Athens Police Department and confessed to killing her 4-year-old daughter on the day she was supposed to sign her up for pre-K.

Stacie Marie Parsons, 25, allegedly killed Victoria Wyatt the morning after her common law partner and the child's father told her he wanted a divorce. Gary Wyatt and the suspect had been married for six years, and he revealed she had always been jealous of her little girl. And, according to a family friend, Parsons made a suspicious comment days before that should have tipped off more people to the possibility that something bad was about to happen.


Even though Wyatt swore his wife had never before acted violently toward their child, friend Randy Dyess says that just a few days before the alleged murder, Parsons announced, "I'd rather kill Victoria and spend the rest of my life in prison than to put up with you."

I don't care how angry you are about a failed relationship or anything else going on in your life, most women -- like 99.9 percent of them -- would NEVER threaten the lives of their children. Not even as a "joke." Thoughts like these shouldn't have even been swimming around in Parsons' brain.

On the day of Victoria's murder, Wyatt says the mom was already gone when he woke up. He assumed she was taking their daughter to sign up for pre-K. When she returned to the house, she reportedly parked her car and warned Wyatt not to go near the vehicle. The family says they found this innocent victim wrapped in a garbage bag in the trunk of the car and that she was foaming at the mouth. They say they tried to revive her, but were unsuccessful.

Parsons was charged with capital murder and is being held with no bond. The little girl's family has set up a Facebook page to help raise money for funeral expenses.

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Police aren't releasing a motive yet for the woman's actions. It's easy to assume she was angry at her husband and did this as a way to get back at him, but that explanation may prove too simplistic. At the end of the day, it's impossible for us to understand what would drive any mother to end the life of her own flesh and blood.

Assuming she is found guilty, why do you think this mother would kill her little girl?


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