Cop's Shocking Video About Running Over Bikers Gets Her Suspended (WATCH)

Certain jobs can really kill your sense of humor. Or at least what you consider funny. A volunteer California cop -- you know, those people who are supposed to protect and serve the public -- uploaded a video tirade of herself railing on bicyclists. Yeah, part of the public she's supposed to protect. The same ones she jokes about hitting with her car. Not a fabulous idea for anyone, let alone a cop.


Laura Weintraub uploaded a video of herself driving around her California neighborhood complaining about every bicyclist she sees. "I hate bicyclists, every single one of them," she rants. "I came out here to film bicyclists for you, but there are none around. I'm hoping we'll run over some -- I mean, run into some soon." Haha, laughing yet?

"How much would I have to pay you to run one of those over?" she asks a man driving the car. Laughing NOW?

The video ends with a picture of a car plowing into a bunch of cyclists and captions it, "Like you never thought about it."

Wow, I get that she was kidding -- I guess?? -- but there are certain things you don't kid about when you have certain jobs. Like a fireman joking about burning a house down. Yeah, that wouldn't work. Or how about a teacher joking about how sexy all the students are? Yeah, not so funny.

At first, San Diego cops defended her post, but a day later, they reportedly changed their minds and put her on administrative leave.

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Laura apparently figured out none of this was particularly side-busting when she wrote on her Facebook page:

It was never meant to be hurtful or harmful in anyway, I am a human being, I made a mistake, I have learned from this and ask for your forgiveness.

At least she apologized before running someone over.

Do you think she should have been suspended?


Image via teknogeek1300/YouTube

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