Pregnant Woman's Dumb Selfie Gets Her Arrested (VIDEO)

If you steal a dress from a store, do you a) furtively sneak out of the house with it on but feel guilty the entire time; b) vow to get a job so you can buy your dresses; c) proudly pose for a selfie in the stolen dress and upload to Facebook. If you picked anything other than "c", you have obviously not been paying attention to the way the world works now. But Danielle Saxton knows the way the world works. And now she's paying for it.


Saxton allegedly stole a colorful leopard-print dress from Mortie's Boutique in West Frankfort, Illinois. She put it on and took selfies. She then reportedly uploaded four of the pics to her Facebook page, even making one of them her profile picture.

Meanwhile, Mortie's Boutique was over on its Facebook page uploading photos of the dress too -- and posting details of the theft, which was caught on surveillance cam.


Eagle-eyed newsfeed watchers soon put two and two together and someone called the fuzz. So much for Facebook "friends"!

Police reportedly raided her home and caught her leopard-print handed -- actually holding the dress!

Well, this is one woman who won't be joining Mensa any time soon. Keep it up, everyone, keep it up. Making the cops' jobs so much easier!

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Saxon is extremely pregnant as well. Let's hope she learns to follow society's rules before giving birth.


Image via Franklin County Police

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