Pregnant Teen Found Dead in Trunk of Man She Met on Craigslist (VIDEO)

A man killed a pregnant woman and her boyfriend after meeting them on Craigslist, say police. The 18-year-old woman, Brooke Slocum, was just weeks from her due date when she and her boyfriend and the father of her unborn baby, 25-year-old Charles Oppenneer, reportedly met up with Brady Oestrike, whom they met through Craigslist.


Oppenneer's body was found in the woods near Wyoming, Michigan, but his pregnant girlfriend was still missing. Police scoured her computer for clues and found the Craigslist ad and traced it back to Oestrike. While they were watching him, he left his house, and the police followed. A chase ensued.

Oestrike eventually crashed his car, and then committed suicide. Police have not yet released how he died, but assault rifles were found inside his home.

As police closed in on Oestrike's car, they then found Slocum's body in the trunk. Police are not releasing how the couple were murdered, pending coroner's reports.

While police refused to say exactly what the couple discussed with Oestrike on Craigslist, a local news station, WZZM, found an ad from a woman who said she was eight months pregnant, and whose age matched Slocum's, saying that she was looking for a man to have sex with her boyfriend and herself. The age of the boyfriend also matched that of Oppenneer. But it should be noted that police have not confirmed this. Additionally, no motive for the murders has been established.

Police are cautioning people to be careful about meeting up with people on Craigslist.

More details will be needed to know exactly what happened here, but it's a tragedy that two lives, as well as the life of an unborn child, were taken.


Image via WZZM

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