Dad Who Beat 2-Year-Old Daughter to Death Was Trying to Turn Her Gay

Some people really shouldn't be parents. Like the Michigan father who was just sentenced with second-degree murder for the death of his 2-year-old daughter. Donovan Lamar Haynes, 23, beat his own daughter to death, but that's not even the worst part.

Allegedly, Haynes was trying to "toughen her up" or even turn her gay in the hope that she'd grow up to avoid dangerous men like her father. His own defense attorney, Elbert Hatchett, called him "deranged" as he was sentenced to 18 to 40 years in prison on Monday. It's said he had a slight smile on his face right before the judge read the sentencing, which, if true, is indeed deranged in my book.


Hatchett said he hoped Haynes would seek psychological counseling while in prison and, eventually, atonement. He said, "Hopefully, judge, he will repent."

Judge Joseph J. Farah cited an investigation report and said that Haynes wanted to make little Ti'Airra Woodward tough. He added, "Dad took care of that. He took care of it in one fell swoop."

The toddler died of internal bleeding and a lacerated liver in 2011. The medical examiner's report also detailed that her tiny body was covered in bite marks, because apparently it's not enough to beat your child to death; if you're truly deranged, you bite her too.

Ti'Airra's mom, Nakeesha Woodward, was in the courtroom at the time of the sentencing. She tearfully told the judge, "I lost a child," as she lobbied for a maximum sentence. God only knows the terror she experienced at the hands of this man, who self-admittedly treated women so horribly he wanted to turn his daughter gay.

You know it's bad when your own lawyer thinks you're a deranged psychopath. Hatchett also said, "This case is a case that defies reason, logic, common sense ... (it's a) tragedy to see the life of an innocent child snuffed out for no reason at all."

Absolutely heartbreaking.

Do you think the sentencing was tough enough for a crime like this?


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