Cop Who Stole From Dead Man's Body Gets Slap on Wrist

A cop was caught on video stealing from a dead man's body. Connecticut state trooper A.J. Huntsman, who had been on the force for 19 years, is the last guy you want showing up at the scene of your accident. As John Scalesse lay dead on the pavement after wiping out on his motorcycle, Huntsman took the opportunity to enrich himself, swiping a gold chain that lay in a pool of blood near the wreck, and also taking a wad of cash that a medic had found in the dead man's pocket.


Huntsman pleaded guilty and will likely get 16 months in jail and 5 years probation. A lenient sentence for such a disgusting act of betrayal.

The cop took a rolled-up wad of bills totaling $3,700 from the ambulance crew after they found it in Scalesse's pocket. He told them he would take it for "evidence." But the only evidence here is what a douche this guy is.

After Scalesse's father called cops inquiring about the cash and the chain, which he knew were missing, Huntsman even had the temerity to deny knowledge of either to the grieving dad. He also told superiors he knew nothing about the cash, though he admitted "forgetting" he had pocketed the gold chain.

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But the story didn't hold up when Huntsman was caught on his dashboard cam telling the medics he would take the money. It was found later hidden underneath his car seat. Hmm, maybe he forgot that too.

Cops like this just shouldn't be on the force, period. What a jerk. And his sentence doesn't fit the crime. He faced up to 10 years in prison but, thanks to various plea bargains gone wrong, gets the minimal. This is one cop you don't want headed your way when you need help.

Do you think he should get a second chance to be a cop?


Image via Connecticut News 12

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