Mom Fighting for Life After Teens Allegedly Threw 8-Pound Rock From Overpass

overpassThe definition of a prank certainly has changed since I was in high school. Forget TP-ing houses or even ding-dong-ditch. Cops recently arrested four teens for throwing an eight-pound rock over an overpass, which caused an accident that left a soldier's mom critically injured.


Lucas Budd was days away from being deployed to Afghanistan when he got the news that his mother Sharon had been in a horrible accident.

Sharon, along with her husband Randy and daughter Kaylee (who was driving), were headed from Ohio to New York when they were struck by a rock deliberately thrown from an overpass in Pennsylvania. It hit the windshield and then struck Sharon on the head. Rushed to the hospital, the wife and mom had to undergo emergency surgery on her brain to reduce swelling and has reportedly loss sight in one of her eyes.

The Army was understanding enough to delay Lucas' leave date until July 24 so that he could check on his mom. As for the teens, they face felony charges of aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, and counts of propulsion of missiles into an occupied vehicle. I had actually never heard that last charge before, but there has clearly been a growing need for it.

This isn't the first time that people have thrown things at cars from an overpass. As far as I am concerned, that is attempted murder. Perhaps they didn't mean to nearly kill someone. Perhaps they thought it would be funny to frighten a few drivers. But someone could have died. They deserve to go to prison.

Do you think these kids should go to prison for this?


Image via Patrick Feller/Flickr

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