Ex-Marine Who Brutally Attacked Cop Offers Infuriating 'Excuse'

A former Marine named Danon Edwards got into a bout of road rage after a four-vehicle crash on May 12, and instead of dealing with it like a normal person, he allegedly beat the crap out of a Syracuse cop who responded to the scene.

Police Officer Robert Florian was left with a broken jaw and several bruises and other injuries after the incident. Edwards' defense attorney asked for a mental health test during a July 8 arraignment, due to the ex-Marine's "emotional stability" after having served in the "Gulf war."


Yeah, those quotes are there for a reason ... the 33-year-old may have served in the military, but he never saw any action on the battlefield. He never even actually left the country during his service -- he was stationed stateside. Oh yeah, and Operation Desert Storm ended in 1991, when Edwards was 11.

But hey, the kitchen is a stressful place that could totally caused PTSD, right? According to Marine records, Edwards was a food service specialist from July 1999 to January 2003, and never deployed to a war zone.

In court on July 8, Judge Anthony Aloi asked him if he understood that he was being charged with assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. He mumbled, "No, I don't understand. I didn't do it."

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After having been free on $50,000 bail, Edwards was taken back into custody and will undergo a mental health exam. If he's found incompetent to stand trial, he'll undergo treatment until he's lucid enough to understand court proceedings.

The really infuriating part of this is that he, or his lawyer, thought he could blame his cop-pummeling ways on PTSD from war-time stress. Did they not think anyone would check it out? And what the heck about mentioning the Gulf war? Dude is 33. They don't let middle schoolers into the military in the U.S.

It's obvious something is off here, but let's pretend like it has anything to do with "stress" of having worked in a kitchen over a decade ago.

Does Danon Edwards' "excuse" for attacking an officer make you mad?


Image via North Syracuse Police

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