'Octomom' Is Found Guilty of Welfare Fraud & Gets a Slap on the Wrist

Well, who didn't see this coming? The law finally caught up with Nadya Suleman, who found infamy as the "Octomom" after she took fertility drugs and gave birth to octuplets. The California mom of 14 pleaded no contest to and has been found guilty of welfare fraud

The fact that Suleman has been gaming the system for years is not really a shock to most of us. It's about time she is forced to face the music. Unfortunately, the judge was playing a very soft song because her sentence is a joke.


Suleman was found guilty of not reporting $30,000 between January and June 2013 -- money that she earned from her TV and public appearances and, yes, from her porno video, as well.

The single mom has been receiving welfare checks to help take care of her brood, which is all well and good, but apparently, she is earning far too much to qualify for public assistance. California state law requires that a person must not exceed an annual salary of $119K to receive financial help, and we learned Octomom made $200,000 last year.

$200K buys a whole lot of coloring books.

On the one hand, it's a good thing that Suleman had to have her day in court. On the other hand, she was sentenced to just 200 hours of community service and two years of probation. Considering how she faced five years in prison, holy Moses, did she get off easy peasy.

There are millions of families who struggle daily to earn enough money to care for their children. There are parents who tried to be responsible from the get-go and fell on hard times, lost their jobs, got sick, etc. These are the folks who deserve every single penny of welfare they can get, and the way I see it, Octomom is stealing from them more than she is from the government.

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Now, it's certainly not fair to punish Octomom's kids for her irresponsible behavior or the fact that she put her desire to have children ahead of her ability to actually take care of them, but it sounds like Suleman has had no problem earning a living and providing for her children with minimal assistance. And if she needs the help, it's there for her -- but she should hold up her end of the bargain by being honest about her earnings.

Do you think Octomom's sentence was fair?


Image via Nadya Suleman/Twitter

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