Woman Gets 10 Years in Jail for Having Sex With Boy Same Age As Her Child

Chances are Joy Leaann McCall isn't who you picture when you think: sexual predator. The 36-year-old Florida woman is a shop worker who has young children. She's pretty and seems "normal," whatever that means. But she has also been found guilty of using Facebook to lure a boy the same age as her child to have sex with her and was sentenced to 10 years behind bars because of her disgusting actions.


McCall pleaded guilty to second-degree felony charges after she sent Facebook messages to a 12-year-old boy and met up with him three times to have sex with the minor. The boy claims the messages got "heated" and that McCall sent him photos of herself wearing just her underwear. She arranged to pick him up at a shopping mall parking lot and had sex with him in the back seat of her car.

The boy said he contacted her five days after their first hook-up, and she, again, picked him up in her car and drove him to a wooded area where they had sex. The third and last time they met up was in February in the same wooded area, where they again had sex.

Obviously, a 12-year-old boy isn't going to keep something like this private -- thank God. He confided in one of his friends, who had the good sense to tell his mother what was going on. His friend's mom told the boy's mother, who called police after reading some of the sordid text messages this woman had sent her son.

McCall, who apparently made the young boy call her "Ms. Joy," was sentenced to 10 years for each charge of lewd or lascivious battery on a child between 12 and 15, but was told the sentence would run concurrently. She was given a 134-day credit for the time she has already spent in jail.

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For better or worse, this story serves as a reminder that a sexual predator doesn't look a certain way and doesn't always fit our narrow idea of what he -- or she -- should be like. I would never think a young mom with a tween would be capable of hurting a child like this. It's good to know justice was served in this case.

Do you think this woman's sentence fits the severity of her crime?


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