Brother Violently Assaults Sister While Witnesses Do Nothing but Film It

A teen was arrested after horribly beating his sister, stuffing a rag into her mouth, and trying to pour water down her throat -- all while someone captured it on video, of course. The 17-year-old was videotaped tackling his 18-year-old sister in what has been described as a "drunken" party inside their home.


As tends to be the norm now (the end is near, folks), people stood around and videotaped the action rather than trying to intervene as the brother repeatedly punched his sister, pushed her to the ground, and tried to stuff a rag in her mouth to keep her from screaming.

The teen was brought to the hospital with a skull fracture, a punctured eardrum, and possibly a punctured lung.

The worst part? Both the brother and the woman's mother claim that he was just trying to prevent her from fighting. Wow, so I guess that's the way they handle things in that family? And was the mom at this underage drunken party?

Oh wait, maybe that isn't the worst part. The worst part might be that the police say that it was probably family members who were videotaping the abuse. In fact, bystanders say the victim's mom and sister were at the party. The fact that they didn't do anything but possibly film the fight shows you how it is in that family.

Ack, this sounds like one family that needs to party less and support each other more. Sad and outrageous.

Do you think the other family members should be arrested too?


Image via Victor/Flickr

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