Young Mom Chillingly Predicted Her Own Violent Murder

womanThis story is destined to give you chills. A Washington mom predicted her own violent death. After seeking a restraining order against her abusive boyfriend, she wrote that he would most assuredly kill her anyway. Sadly, she was right.


"A piece of paper isn't going to save my life when he finally gets me, but at least you will know who killed me," Amy Hargrove fearfully detailed in the document. Her body was discovered after allegedly being strangled by her ex, Burrell M. Cushman.

This is a tragedy on so many levels. No woman should live in fear for her life -- especially because of someone that she once loved and cared for (and who presumably loved and cared for her). However, that is the living nightmare that filled the life of the 28-year-old mom. This case is frightening for another key reason.

Hargrove did what women in that situation are supposed to do -- she sought legal protection. Victims of domestic violence are often told that seeking a restraining order is their first line of defense. The idea is that if the abuser knows that there are criminal consequences, he will stay away. Though many victims will tell you that rarely is the case. That rage-filled husband or boyfriend will sometimes stop at nothing to get to them -- even if it means going to jail.

And in many cases, the victim takes the abuser back. Police say that was the case with Hargrove. Despite the court order, she let Cushman back into her life. Now he is being charged with second-degree murder for her death. For his part, he denied killing her. But investigators say that his DNA was under her nails, and moments after her death, he called his mother crying that he had a "bad feeling about tonight."

It's such a horrible end to her life -- and potentially his freedom if he is convicted. But this entire scenario highlights such a huge problem in our society. Domestic abuse is a complicated issue, and when it happens to a woman, she may feel trapped, even when the law is on her side. Heartbreaking. 

Do you think restraining orders help adequately protect battered women?


Image via © Bruno Ehrs/Corbis

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