5-Year-Old Girl Died Trying to Protect Her Mother

A little girl reportedly died because she was trying to protect her mother. Brave 5-year-old Dayana Valencia reportedly started hitting the man who was attacking her mother -- so he allegedly turned on her as well and strangled her. Tragically, the man who allegedly committed this heinous act was Dayana's mother's husband.


Angel Morales-Larranaga, 24, allegedly confronted his wife, Facunda Velenzuelaleon, in their home after she supposedly confessed she had cheated on him. (Keep in mind, that's his version of events.)

As he started beating and strangling his wife, the woman's 5-year-old daughter from another relationship tried to intervene -- as would any child seeing her mother in trouble. Little children have no concept that there is nothing they can really do. It is pure instinct to get in the middle of an adult argument when your mother is in trouble.

The man then allegedly turned on the little girl and murdered her as well. He confessed to a friend, "She got up and started hitting me, so I had to kill her, too."

He allegedly strangled her with an electrical cord.

We don't know the history here of this couple, but unfortunately too many women think that if their husbands beat them, they at least aren't beating the kids. But every time a mother is beaten in front of her kids, she not only scars them emotionally for life, but she puts them in danger too, because a child is going to try and protect a mom -- which might end up being dangerous for the child, as it reportedly was in this case.

The little girl's own love for her mother ended up killing her. She was doing what no child should be called upon to do -- trying to protect an adult from another adult.

This poor little girl died a hero.


Image via Kootenai County Sheriff's Office

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