Man Suspected of Killing 4 Children & 2 Adults Who Were Watching Them

ron lee haskellHere's a story you'll never be able to relate to. It's the kind we hear about all too often, considering how once is all too often: A Texas man is in custody today for allegedly shooting and killing four children, two adults who were watching them, and a 15-year-old girl who is the sole survivor of this disgusting massacre.


Ron Lee Haskell, 34, reportedly went to the home where the children were staying, opened fire, and killed two boys, ages 13 and 4, two girls, 9 and 7, and two adults, a 39-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman. Haskell may have been an uncle to some of the children, but his relationship to everyone isn't clear quite yet, said the police. Haskell wasn't the children's father, as police had mistakenly reported earlier. Haskell is separated from his wife, and she lives in another state.

And Haskell didn't stop there. He also reportedly shot a teen girl -- his relationship to her hasn't been confirmed, though it seems like she could very well be another of his children -- and she was hospitalized and is in critical condition. The girl more or less saved the lives of other innocent victims, according to police, because she was able to call 911 and report that the man was going to kill her grandparents.

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The cops confirmed that the elderly couple was also a target for Haskell but that they were able to get them to safety. When they arrived at the scene, the suspect fled and they had to chase him before they could apprehend him. He was found in the driver's seat of his truck with a handgun to his head. Police talked him out of committing suicide and he surrendered. Haskell is in custody, and he faces multiple charges of capital murder.

Three of the poor children were dead when police arrived at the house and the fourth died after being airlifted to the hospital.

What a heinous, sad, and deeply disturbing act. How could anyone kill a child who has so much to live for? This story is developing, and no doubt we'll gather more facts over the next day or two, but no detail is going to make this any less senseless.

What do you think would drive a person to do something like this?


Image via police

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