Teen Girl Arrested for Trying to Marry & Help a 'Terrorist' She Met Online

A wise woman once told me to choose men carefully in life because the wrong one could ruin you. A little dramatic, maybe, but 19-year-old Shannon Maureen Conley is learning this lesson the hard way. The Colorado teen was arrested while trying to board a flight to Turkey and then Syria in order to start her life with a man she'd met online whom she was planning on marrying -- a man who reportedly asked for her help in his crusade to further the agenda of a major terrorist organization.

And you'll never believe who turned her in.


Conley, a nurse's aide who has been described as a "lonesome troubled teenager" by authorities, met "Y.M." online. She agreed to help him by providing information and resources from this country that would aid him as an alleged member of terrorist organization ISIS -- the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. ISIS is a jihadist group that grew out of al Qaeda and uses violence to attempt to unite all Muslims under its political control.

Cops became suspicious of Conley after a security guard reportedly saw her taking notes and acting suspiciously around the Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, where a shooting had taken place in 2007. When questioned, she allegedly said, "If they think I'm a terrorist, I'll give them something to think I am." The FBI continued to keep Conley on its watch list. One month after she was caught taking notes by the church, she apparently told an agent that she would be "ready to wage jihad in a year."

"Y.M." reportedly proposed marriage to the girl and asked her to leave the country and join his fight. She even asked her parents for permission to get married, but they didn't give her their blessing.

And it's a good thing she asked. The request opened her father's eyes and led to him turning in his own daughter right before she stepped on a plane to, most likely, leave the country forever and end up doing who knows what.

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Like most teens, Conley may have been searching for an identity and a sense of belonging. She found it in the most extreme form of Islam and through a man who probably promised he'd provide her with a purpose in life.

Conley has been charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. She is in the custody of U.S. Marshals and, if found guilty, faces up to 15 years in prison.

Why do you think a young girl would try to do something as extreme as this?


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