Woman Arrested for Posing as Doctor & Giving Physicals to Men

Because apparently scumbaggery is not a condition exclusive to the male species, there's another report of a doctor behaving badly, and this time it's a woman. And actually, she's not even a doctor, she just pretended to be one so she could give truckers physical exams.

Oyza. Police say that Joann Elizabeth Wingate, 56, pretended to be a medical doctor to market her "services to truckers who needed to have updated physicals so as to maintain their commercial driver’s license." They allege that Wingate examined at least two men in her home and possibly many more.


The Pennsylvania woman was arrested on Saturday for felony forgery, fraud, and identity theft charges and is being held on a $10,000 bond.

Wingate used a bogus certificate of another woman of the same last name as part of her scheme, for which police have no known motive. She charged $65 for an exam, which one victim said including giving a urine sample.

Trucker Todd Wakerfield said the only weird thing about the exam was that she worked out of her home. Other than that, he said, "'Dr. Wingate' did everything that a doctor would normally do during a physical."

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So bizarre. In addition to that, when police searched her home, they found "numerous items related to someone that conducts physical exams and also urine analysis" and "a large quantity of medical documents and forms related to DOT physicals."

What the heck? I don't even understand what she possibly could've been thinking? Just why? To get her jollies? Is she a sociopath? Did she honestly believe she was providing a service? Why did she have the medical equipment?

According to state records, Wingate has previously held two separate chiropractic licenses. One was described as "inactive" and the other was suspended last year for "advertising violations."

Wingate is also facing minor drug charges, because the police found marijuana and narcotics paraphernalia in her home during the raid. Maybe she considered it her "pharmacy."

What do you think could possess a person to do something like this?


Image via Dr.Farouk/Flickr

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