Grandma Arrested After 2-Year-Old Granddaughter Drinks Her 'Special' Tea

Would you like some methamphetamine with your tea? This is one question that grandmother Cynthia Watson would reportedly answer in the affirmative. Watson was staying with her daughter and relatives when she decided to have a cuppa the "special" brew and set it down, only to have her 2-year-old granddaughter pick it up. And if you know toddlers, you can guess what happened next.


Concerned that her daughter was acting strangely -- wouldn't fall asleep, was talking rapidly, scratching, and couldn't sit still -- the mom called police.

Cops responded and took the little girl to the hospital, where tests determined she had meth in her system. An investigation discovered that Watson, who is 51, had made the concoction to "get high" and then set it where the toddler could reach it.

She was charged with felony child endangerment and possession of methamphetamine.

You have to wonder if the toddler's mom had any clue about her mother's habit. If not, she must be shocked, stunned, and very angry that her mom allegedly did something like this and left it out where her toddler could get at it. Drug users often get into this zone where they think the drug is of no harm to anyone but themselves, but that's not true. We hear too many stories about this kind of thing.

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Luckily, the mom didn't ignore her baby's symptoms or chalk it up to having a restless night -- or too much soda or something. She called police. Because of that, the toddler was able to be hospitalized quickly. She is reportedly doing fine and was released.

But grandma is in a lot of trouble. Not only with the law but with, I imagine, her family. She probably feels terrible too. Perhaps this is the wakeup call she needs to kick the habit.


Image via Riverside County Sheriff's Office

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