Mom Goes to Prison After Driving Cross-Country With Murdered Baby's Body

Parenting doesn't get much worse than this. A woman was found guilty of killing her 10-week-old daughter and driving with her little body cross-country to stuff it in a storage locker in 2001. Shockingly, however, after police made the gruesome discovery, they also found out that Krissy Lynn Werntz and her baby's father, Jason Michael Hann, had another dead baby, a 2-month-old boy, and his body was in a different storage locker.


Werntz and Hann were found guilty of beating 2-month-old Montana to death and then wrapping her in duct tape and driving her body in a plastic container from California to Arkansas, "like some twisted, baby-killing Bonnie and Clyde," the prosecutor called it.

The body was discovered in 2002 after the twisted pair failed to pay rent on the storage unit and the contents had been sold at auction. The man who bought it got one hell of a shock when the contents were opened.

Police scoured another storage unit the couple rented, this time in Vermont and, unbelievably, found yet another baby's body. Authorities determined that the 2-month-old son of Werntz and Hann, named Jason, had been killed a year before Montana and put in the storage locker.

Believe it or not, another child of the couple was then found -- this time alive. However, the 1-month-old boy already had suffered severe abuse and had broken bones, a fractured skull, and retinal damage. He was adopted by his foster mother. Thank goodness. Judging by their twisted track record, the boy only had another month to live.

Hann was convicted of both baby murders and sentenced to death. Werntz was never charged in the death of baby Jason. (She claimed she thought he died of a spider bite. Which doesn't explain why the baby was found in a storage unit, of course.)

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The mother was, however, found guilty of second-degree murder of the baby girl, Montana, and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. Let's hope the sentence ends up being more toward the life end.

It's sickening that these two just kept having children, one right after the other, only to beat them to death or near to death. Who knows, but there might have been even more children to suffer this gruesome fate if the couple didn't stop paying rent on their storage unit.


Image via police

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