Mass Shooting on Bourbon Street Over 'Something Stupid' Leaves 9 Injured

Bourbon StreetNine people are in the hospital in New Orleans today after two men opened fire on a crowd in the French Quarter around 2:45 this morning. Police say the altercation on Bourbon Street occur ed after the pair of "cowardly" men got into a fight over "something stupid."

New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Ronal Serpas said, "This is a heinous crime ... this is two young men, both armed with firearms, who chose to settle a dispute between themselves without a moment's care for anyone else."


Thankfully no one was killed, but at least two people remain in critical condition.

One witness said an "angry-sounding man" started shooting at another man before turning the gun on the crowd. "Just turned around and he started shooting at the crowd. He seemed pissed off at some dude, pulled the gun out and started shooting at the guy then turned around on the crowd and started shooting at us."

Incredibly, the scene was captured on tape. Or maybe not so incredibly, when you think about it ... why wouldn't one of the most famous streets in the world not be video-monitored at all times?

Anyway, police have been able to get a fairly good look at what happened thanks to the surveillance footage of nearby businesses. The shooters are still at large, but Serpas said they're "going to catch these two little young men and we're going to bring them to justice."

"I hope that they're listening," he said. "I hope that their friends are listening, and hope their mom and them are listening. We know a little bit more about them than they think we know."

Some of the victims are reported to not be from New Orleans, which means they're likely tourists. That's kind of a crappy way to end a vacation, huh? Go to New Orleans, they said. It will be fun, they said. Stay out all night on Bourbon Street, they said. 

In all seriousness, this totally sucks, and I hope they find the guys who did it. The police are right. This is definitely "stupid." Jerks. They're trying to figure out if the shooting was gang-related, which in my opinion is even stupider. Stop shooting people to prove how macho you are! Gah.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu issued a statement Sunday, and said the "No. 1 priority is to keep New Orleans safe. These kinds of incidents will not go unanswered." Let's hope not. People should feel safe to venture out in their own cities or on vacation, and not have to worry about winding up in the hospital with gunshot wounds.

Have you ever felt unsafe on vacation?


Image via Kent Kanouse/Flickr

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