Marine Is Shot Dead & His Wife Is Injured After Celebrating Her Birthday

Our country has lost a dedicated and honorable young man who fought for all of us. Marine Jonathan Price, 26, was shot in the back and killed while exiting a saloon in Lexington, Kentucky, last week. His wife, Megan, was shot in the leg in the parking lot but survived, according to reports.

The couple had been out celebrating Megan's birthday at Austin City Saloon. After leaving the establishment, they were approached by two armed men at about 1:30 a.m. and were told to give them their money. Why that wasn't enough for the robbers, we'll never be able to understand.


The men reportedly shot the Marine and his wife, and Price died from his injuries. Police say the suspects are still on the loose and they need the public's help in finding them.

One suspect has been described as a black man with shoulder-length dreadlocks who was wearing a white T-shirt and carrying a silver handgun. His partner is described as a black man wearing blue jeans, white sneakers, and a dark T-shirt.

Price's mother, Debbie, called Jonathan a "blessing" and said she couldn't have had a better son. His friends describe him as a "one of a kind" person who was a motorcycle enthusiast. He and Megan, a hairstylist, were about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

This is simply heartbreaking. Jonathan would have given up everything to protect those same people who made the decision to end his life. His new bride supported him and understood that his loyalty to his country would always come first. These two deserved to have a happy, long life together, and the fact that their story came to an abrupt end is nothing short of tragic.

Let's hope police are able to quickly apprehend the two men responsible for his death and her injury.

Why do you think the robbers shot the couple after asking them for money?


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