Mom Viciously Beaten as 2-Year-Old Son Tries to Intervene (VIDEO)

Horrific video circulating on social media captures a toddler as he desperately tries to save his mom from being attacked. A woman, identified as 25-year-old Latia Harris, who appears to work at McDonalds judging from her outfit, is seen in the middle of a field beating a young mother, while the mother's toddler son kicks and screams at the attacker to stop. Several people mill around watching the scene and do nothing to stop it. In fact, several people recorded it on video.


The young mother lies on the ground pleading for the beating to stop as the youngster kicks the assailant over and over and yells for her to stop. Even after the mother is on the ground and clearly no threat, the attacker gives her a couple more kicks. At one point, the attacker tells the mother to get her son or she will "kick him in the face too."

It's a highly disturbing scene made even more awful by the presence of a toddler being put in a position he should never be in -- trying to protect his mother from an adult!

It's unclear what made the attacker do such a thing, but one report had it that the woman was angry at the other woman for spreading rumors about her. Either way, there is no excuse for this.

If we wonder why our young people grow up to be violent, here is an example. This toddler is learning that adults handle their disputes like this! Not only that, the toddler is not going to forget this scene. Perhaps he will stuff it down into his subconscious, but it will be there. He could suffer fits of anger years down the road that are related to his feeling of helplessness at not being able to protect his mother.

Whoever took the video did the usual scummy thing and uploaded it to Facebook, but at least that resulted in the police being able to identify the suspect.

I hope that Harris gets full punishment -- but I also hope the victim is able to get herself and her son away from whomever these people are. This isn't the kind of environment to be raising a child in.

Here is the attack. Be warned, it is graphic:


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