Couple's Dream Vacation Turns Into Nightmare Thanks to Simple Mistake

Imagine National Lampoon's Vacation meets Psycho and you've got a taste of what this couple's vacation turned out to be. A South Carolina married couple's dream Caribbean cruise turned into something much more horrific when it ended with the wife reportedly being stabbed in the neck and hit with a car. But it wasn't because they were attacked by some stranger -- no, allegedly, the husband went ballistic when the pair missed their boat.


Michael and Thelma Barber flew from South Carolina to New York to catch the cruise that was going to bring them to the Bahamas. But when they arrived and didn't have proper identification, the cruise wouldn't let them on.

Panicked and determined not to miss their ship, the couple rented a car and drove back down to South Carolina to get their IDs. They then decided to drive to Port Canaveral, Florida, to catch the ship before it left for the Caribbean.

But somewhere along the line, the stress must have gotten to them because they got into a heated argument that ended with the husband allegedly stabbing his wife in the neck with a box cutter. As the wife tried to escape, the husband then allegedly hit her with the car.

Miraculously, she managed to run off and make it to a hospital. She is okay and has been released.

Wow. We don't know what this couple's history is, but if this all came out of the blue, perhaps they were both just super stressed out. They'd driven 1,000 miles in a short period of time and got into the argument around 2 a.m.

If they are like most couples, they were probably each blaming the other for the mistake of leaving the IDs at home. "I thought you had them!" "You told me you did!" etc.

However, there is never an excuse for stabbing anyone! Plus, why would the guy have a box cutter anyway?

I don't know what I would have done in their position. Losing the thousands you already paid out on the cruise would have been devastating, but then to pay out even more for a car, and then trying to rush to catch the ship before it sailed ... I think I would have just hopefully given up and accepted that at least I had a good story.

Now the guy is facing attempted murder charges and might end up in prison, and their marriage might be over, so trying to catch their ship definitely wasn't worth it. Sometimes you have to know your limits.

Do you think this was stress-related?

Image via Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office

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