Mom Returns Home to Find Her 3 Kids Dead (VIDEO)

murder-suicideA Texas mom returned home to find a scene that was beyond anyone's worst nightmare. She walked through the door to discover that three of her teenage children were shot in an apparent murder-suicide.


Her three teens - Faheen Mughal, 23, Fahad Mughal, 18, and Rebecca Mughal, 15 -- all died from gunshot wounds. Calling 911, she reportedly screamed that her "baby was dead" and police arrived just moments later. Apparently, the trio got into a heated argument after the mom left for work. Each of the bodies were found in different rooms. Cops believe that one of the kids shot the others before turning the gun on themselves. Though, investigators have yet to reveal who actually the shooting, a pistol was found near the body of one of the boys. 

They also said that multiple guns were found in the home and that they were running ballistic tests on them all. Until they conclude the investigation, the parents and the community are left with one question: why? The level of violence has certainly shocked those who knew them. "There was never any arguing," a next door neighbor said. "There was never any yelling - nothing. This is surreal, I'll be honest to you."

Your heart just aches for those poor parents. Fortunately, a fourth child, who is a student at Houston Community College, was in class during the killings. How do you, as a family, move on from such a horrific crime? How do you move forward? Can you ever heal from something so grisly and so tragic. That family will most certainly stay in our thoughts and prayers.

Do you think there were signs of trouble the neighbors just weren't aware of?


Image via KHOU

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