Mom Allegedly Throws Baby From Car to Get Dad's Attention

Sadly, we have heard too many stories of a woman abusing her child to get a father's attention. And allegedly this is what happened here. Police say that Lasasha Allen, who is 23 and has six kids, sent an "attention seeking" text message to her baby's daddy. But when he didn't respond the way she wanted him to, she allegedly threw her 20-month-old baby from her car. The child is undergoing surgery.


Allen allegedly sent a text to her baby's father that said he'd been injured falling out of a car. But when the man reportedly didn't give her the kind of attention she wanted, she decided to stage the event in order to keep from being caught in a lie. Said Franklin Parish, Louisiana Sheriff Kevin Cobb:

The next day when she got no repsonse, she made the determination to make this come true.

Authorities claim she drove to a remote location and pushed the child from the car. Reportedly, she confessed that she only wanted to "inflict minor damage" to the child. As if that's an excuse?

The damage ended up being more than minor and the child needed surgery, but is in stable condition. Allen's six kids have been placed with authorities. How awful.

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It must be terrible to have a father who doesn't pay enough attention to you or his children, and unfortunately, some moms get it into their heads that sickness or injuries is the way to get that attention. It's not. People who want to be parents will be them whether or not a child is injured. Not to mention that choosing the attention of a man over the well-being of your children is despicable. If you need attention, get it from people who are willing to give it, like a parent, friend, or neighbor.

Police say that the child is in a much better place not being with the mom, and if she really did this, I have to agree.

What could cause a mom to do something like this?


Image via Franklin Parish Sheriff's Office

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