5 People Arrested for Running 'Daycare' That Was Really Child Porn Operation

Five people were arrested in connection with using a daycare operation as a front for a child porn production operation. Which is about the sickest, most disgusting thing imaginable. Bailey Joe Mills in North Carolina was apparently running a daycare and "child mentoring" program that enticed the parents of young girls to trust him enough to leave their daughters in the care of the "daycare."


Police believe Mills used the "daycare" to get girls, ranging in age from 1 to 14, into his home, where he then allegedly offered the children money to have sex with men he found on social media.

Mills had already been convicted of four different sexual assaults, so it's baffling how he was running this so-called daycare. Three other workers were arrested as well, including Mills' wife, Elizabeth Holland Mills, and a Fort Bragg soldier.

Details are scarce in the case, so it's unclear how many children came through the alleged child porn production operation over the years. But police say that the sexual assault occurred with at least 10 victims, both boys and girls.

It's also unclear how long children were in his house for, and if it was run like your typical daycare. Or how or why he was able to convince parents to leave their children with him.

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What is clear is that, given his history, parents might have been alerted not to trust him with children, if some background checks were done. Never a bad idea when you're leaving your children with strangers. If the charges are true, I can't imagine what the parents of these children are going through, knowing that they unwittingly left their children in the care of people they shouldn't have.

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