Accused Thief Checks Facebook on Victim's Computer but Forgets to Log Out (VIDEO)

You know those people who just can't stay off of Facebook. They check it all through dinner. All through a concert. All through robbing someone's house. These kids, I tell ya! Nicholas Wig, 26, allegedly ransacked a home in Minnesota, and couldn't resist checking his Facebook account in the middle of the crime. So when homeowner James Wood came back and saw that his house was burgled, and that several items were missing, he was able to catch the criminal himself. All he had to do was get on the computer.


While looking over his ransacked home, Wood realized that whomever had just been in it, had also been on the popular social media site and didn't log out. Wood was able post a status update -- on the alleged criminal's own page -- saying that the man had robbed his house. He also posted his phone number so that anyone could call him with information. I wish my feeds were this exciting.

So guess who got in touch? Yep, the world's dumbest criminal himself. Wig texted him. It's unclear what he said, but maybe it was, "S'up?"

Wood told WCCO:

I replied, 'You left a few things at my house last night, how can I get them back to you.'

Yes, not only was Wig allegedly checking his FB feed whilst robbing a home, he also left behind several items of clothing and his tennis shoes. I know. Wig so failed Burglary 101.

Wood and Wig agreed to meet up to exchange some items -- Wig thought he was going to get back his things if he returned some of Wood's things -- and as Wig returned to his home to meet up with his burglar, he ran into him on the street, recognizing him from his Facebook profile. That's when he called police, who arrived and arrested Wig.

I don't think you could make this one up, folks. You could, but no one would believe you. Someone needs to give these two their own TV show. It could be called The Wacky Adventures of Wood & Wig.

Wig faces up to 10 years in prison. But something tells me living in the hoosegow won't bother him as long as he has Facebook access.

Do you check Facebook while you were in the middle of something important?


Image via WCCO


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