10-Year-Old Shot in Vicious Road Rage Attack

drivingSadly, road rage is just another scary reality we face every day. It can hit anyone at any time. Though, it's not just adults who fall victim to this violence. New Orleans Police say that a 10-year-old was shot in the face during a vicious road rage attack that was started over the most ridiculous reason.


It all began when a driver flung a cigarette out the window and it hit a pick-up truck. That led the driver of the truck to chase the car down for miles. And get this, little kids were riding in each one.

"They both had children inside the vehicle, and they had their families there," a police officer said.  "You would think that grown adults would just slow down and just calm down."

Things came to a head when the car driver pulled a gun and fired three times into the truck, where the 10-year-old was riding. The driver of the truck then rammed the car to try and stop him. It's a miracle that just one child was hurt during this crazy incident. The boy had a graze wound and got shrapnel in his sinus cavity that required surgery. Though, we all know if could have been much more severe.

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Now the driver of the car is facing attempted murder charges. Really, was this worth it? So what if someone tossed a cigarette butt that had 2 seconds of contact to your truck. A vehicle is certainly not more important than a human life or your freedom. Still, when it comes to these road rage situations, you never know how unhinged the other person may be. It almost makes us scared to even blow our horns.

Have you ever been involved in a road rage incident?


Image via Angela Mueller/Flickr

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