Sexy Felon Jeremy Meeks Is Most Men's Worst Nightmare

Fellas, I have some baaaaad news for you. Remember that dude  who got arrested on weapons charges and his mugshot was so dayum fine that it sparked a worldwide ladies' panties-dropping epidemic? Yeah, that guy. I know you remember him because you are sooooo angry about him. Yes, wherever you see hottie convict Jeremy Meeks, be it on his several fan Facebook pages, or his original mugshot on the Stockton Police Department page, or any article about him, there you will find men -- seething, whining, and "thirsty sloot" shaming. Guys despise Jeremy with every fiber of their jelly beings.


This guy seemed to sum it all up when he groused:

He's ugly and the girls who go after guys like this are the ones who complain about not finding the right one.

Men just can't seem to fathom that a) girls like eye candy too and don't necessarily want to marry said eye candy; b) shady dudes like Jeremy can get so much female admiration, when they (the self-professed "nice" guys) work hard, have a clean record, treat a lady like a lady, and are getting nowhere. Waaahhh!!!

The men were so jealous that they immediately set about spreading Internet rumors that Jeremy had been arrested for far worse crimes than he actually was.

Men act as if women haven't always had to watch them fawn over any young female with a beautiful face and bangin' body  -- whether or not her character deserved the adulation. Even Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony -- far more despicable criminals than Jeremy -- had their fair share of male attention. If only I had a dime for every time I saw a guy comment, "She could kill my kid anytime," about Casey Anthony!

But for men, the idea that some supreme alpha male could swagger into the cave and effortlessly gobble up all the females -- all the women they've been working so hard to kill bison for -- rankles men down to their very molecules. Never mind that this is 2014 and not prehistoric days. Never mind that this is the Internet, not a cave. Never mind that these women will never even meet Mr. Meeks!

Doesn't matter. This is pure illogical biology at work here.

As for Jeremy, he remains in jail. His bond was raised to $1 million. I guess the judge isn't a fan (probably a straight guy!). And his mother, Katherine Angier, has started a GoFundMe page, but it's only raised about $3,700 so far. Given how many hundreds of thousands of women have ooh'd and aah'd over her son's photos, that's hardly a lot. Women like to look, but scant few are going to fork over their hard-earned money to bail a convict out of prison.

That said, there's a lot of goodwill towards Meeks, who gave an interview vowing that he had changed his ways. His mother claims he was being stereotyped for old tattoos and had a job and had changed his life, was married and raising his son. (Which doesn't expalin the gun found in his car.)

Meanwhile, his wife, who hasn't been named, is supposedly "furious" at all of the attention Jeremy's hot mugshot is getting, feeling that people are making a joke out of something very serious.

While Jeremy, who has been in prison twice already, is undoubtedly nobody's idea of a role model, let's not forget that some of the most successful people in the world, including Jay Z, were once considered criminal element. Plus, it seems modeling agencies aren't adverse to working with him. (If he ever gets out of jail!)

It remains to be seen if Jeremy's good looks can turn his life around. So far, they haven't exactly helped him make good choices.

But I wouldn't be surprised if some enterprising person figures out how to monetize his intense appeal to the ladies. Calendars? Playgirl cover? Hell, slap his mugshot on a coffee mug. Women would buy it. They might, however, might want to hide it from their men, lest it get smashed to smithereens.

Do you think Jeremy deserves a second chance?


Image via Stockton Police Dept. and JeremyMeeks/Facebook

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