Mom Arrested for 'Branding' Her Children With Heated Stick

A mother of two is accused of "branding" her children so she could identify them. She allegedly didn't do this with temporary tattoos or glittery stickers, but with fire. The children reportedly told authorities that their mom lit a stick on fire and then held it against their skin so that she could create a permanent scar that would identify them.


Kayla Oxenham, 23, of Port Charlotte, Florida, denies abusing her children and reportedly wouldn't answer questions about the scars on her kids. Daycare workers first noticed the scars and called cops.

The girls, who are 5 and 7 years old, reportedly said that their mom talked about how much she "loved fire" while she branded them and promised them ice cream afterward.

Apparently this wasn't the first time the woman abused her kids. One of them claimed that the mom smashed her daughter's head into a wall after she locked a cat in a bathroom.

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Of course, branding your kids is not only barbaric, it makes little sense. Why would you need a permanent scar to identify your children? It's not like they are cows and you can't tell your child from any other child.

Someone who would do something like this is not in their right mind and just looking for an excuse to abuse, because it makes no sense. Thank goodness daycare workers stepped up to report this so cops can figure out what is going on here.


Image via Charlotte County Sheriff's Office

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