Teen Uses College Essay to Accuse Stepfather of Horrific Crime

essayEvery year, countless teens fret about what to write in their college essay. However, when one young woman was given the question, "What made you who you are?" she knew exactly what to write. She wrote about how her stepfather raped her when she was 8 years old.


Until that point, no one knew. It was a dark secret that she kept to herself for nearly a decade. But she could not answer that question without addressing what her stepfather, Albert Tarrats, had done to her. It did, in fact, define much of her life. “Toward the end of their marriage he began to rape me,” she wrote. “I never told anyone till later in life but at that point in my life I was scared.”

Her mother happened to discover the truth when she read a copy of the essay that was lying around. Needless to say, she was shocked and horrified. She had divorced Tarrats, a retired school custodian in Brooklyn, seven years earlier and moved her children to Florida. She  immediately reported the crime. Now he has been charged with one incident of creeping into the child's room as she slept and raping her. If convicted, he could face up to 25 years in prison.

When Tarrats was arrested, he recalled a night when his stepdaughter came into his bedroom and grabbed his private parts, causing him to shout in pain. And in his defense, Tarrats' attorney reportedly told jurors that this essay is the girl's "best effort to try to get the attention of the admissions committee."

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It's such a disturbing story. We are just glad that there was no statute of limitations in play and that this could be brought to trial. Hopefully justice will be served.

Are you surprised someone would share something so tragic in a college essay?


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