2-Year-Old Violently Killed by Boyfriend Mom Had Been Warned About

A two-year-old child is dead, after being kicked so hard her liver split in two. Her mom's boyfriend was found guilty of the crime, which he apparently commited because the little girl soiled her diaper. Dean Harris, 19, reportedly kicked her six feet across the room because he couldn't handle a blown-out diaper.

The child's mother, Sarah Racquemen, 29, was cleared of any wrongdoing, but there are some serious questions about using good judgement in this case. It seems as though she had been warned about Harris' violent tendencies, yet she still chose to leave him alone with her child.


Harris was left alone with little Amina Agboola when the incident occurred. He called emergency services when he realized he may have gone too far, but told paramedics that she had fallen off the toilet. He later admitted to kicking her, but said he didn't mean to "cause her serious harm." How one doesn't mean to cause serious harm to a baby by kicking her across a room is still a mystery.

The toddler was taken to the hospital, but died later the same day. Doctors also found evidence of older injuries, including a recently broken arm, bruises on her head, and bite marks on her cheek and forearm. My heart weeps for this poor little girl.

But of course, this story gets worse, because sometimes people do terrible things. Racqueman reportedly told the court that a social worker had repeatedly warned her of her boyfriend's domestic violence history. Yet she still let him babysit her daughter. "I believe in second chances,” she said.

Second chances or not, you don't leave your baby alone with someone who has a history of violence! Gah. I'm really hoping there is more to this case than is being reported on, because it seems like mom should have been charged as an accomplice or something.

Prosecutor Zoe Johnson said, "The evidence demonstrates that in the period leading up to Amina Agboola's death, Sarah Racqueman was repeatedly warned by professionals that Dean Harris posed a risk of serious physical harm to children but she chose to ignore those warnings ... that was to prove, unfortunately, a fatal decision."

Police agreed that Harris used "completely disproportionate violence" against the little girl. Cambridgeshire Det. Chief Insp. Jon Hutchinson said, "There is never an excuse to hit a child and he should have had no doubt what the potential consequences were of using such force on a two-year-old."

The County Council is said to be launching "a serious case review into this tragic case is currently being undertaken by the Local Safeguarding Children's Board to see if there are any lessons to be learned for agencies from the tragic death of Amina."

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How about this for a lesson? If you're going to give someone with a violent past of domestic abuse a second chance -- don't leave him alone with your kid.

Do you think a mother should bear any responsibility for crime like this, or is losing her child punishment enough?


Image via R.I.P Amina Agboola/Facebook

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