Couple Who Zip-Tied Children in Freezing Van Won't Spend 1 Day in Jail (VIDEO)

Seven children, including a newborn, who were found inside a van during freezing winter temperatures are safely out of the "care" of their parents -- but despite pleading guilty to numerous horrific charges of child neglect and abuse, the pair won't spend one day in prison.


Robert Boyko, 42, and Marian Clark, 40, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, pleaded guilty to leaving their seven kids alone locked in a van despite temps that plunged to freezing. Some of the children were reportedly "zip tied" to chairs. They were cold, dirty, had no shoes or socks or coats, and were eating leftover food off a cat urine-soaked floor. Good god, a cat living in these conditions too.

The newborn girl had hypothermia and jaundice.

At first, I felt somewhat sorry for the couple despite the horrific conditions their kids were living in. After all, what dire poverty, and perhaps untreated mental illness, led them and their children to a life like this?

But the more I read, the more enraged I got. For one, they already had two children die. Though the children died of natural causes, one of sepsis and one of unnamed health conditions -- considering the state their alive children were found in, it really makes you wonder if their living conditions contributed to these health problems.

Also, reportedly when the couple were in court, Boyko kept asking about his disability benefits. And Clark admitted to having had $4,000 in her purse from social security payments. That much money and yet she didn't buy her children shoes or food?!

The most important thing is that the children were taken from their so-called parents -- but no prison time? Really?! They were given a suspended six-year sentence instead.

So now it seems this pair are free to go off and procreate some more. They can't contact their children for six years -- I feel bad for these kids when the parents finally do show up again, probably just to wreak havoc with whatever progress the kids have made.

Do you think this sentence was fair?

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