Student Who Idolized Santa Barbara Killer Elliot Rodger Is Arrested (VIDEO)

When maniacal misogynistic college student Elliot Rodger killed five people and wounded several others because he complained about being a virgin and women rejecting him -- people were shocked that such misogyny could run violently rampant. But perhaps even more shocking is that Rodger's anti-female tirades, which he uploaded to YouTube before his killing spree, are not unique. There are many men who blame women for their troubles in life. Most of them will not commit mass murder -- but some might. And the police, who let Rodger slip through their fingers when they visited his home shortly before the attack, are taking these kinds of murderous boasts more seriously. In fact, a 23-year-old named Keshav Bhide, who allegedly claimed he was "the next Elliot Rodger," has been arrested.


Bhide allegedly posted on YouTube and Google+ that he supported what Rodger did and planned to do it himself. Reportedly, he wrote in an online comments forum:

I am the next elliot rodger, and gues what ill do the right thing this time, ill make sure ill only kill women [sic]. Nothing can compromise for an ugly face and short stature, I will execute the same thing. I have no option [sic] ... I'll make sure I kill only women, and many more than what Elliot accomplished [sic]

Eventually he wrote enough about himself, for example that he lived in Seattle and went to the University of Washington, that cops were able to track him down by IP address.

He was arrested at his home, and reportedly when he saw police, he said he knew why they were there. He has been charged with suspicion of felony harassment.

Thank goodness this sort of thing is beginning to be taken more seriously. Mass murderers in this day and age often do leave a trail of clues about their plans -- often online. If you're not allowed to yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater, you shouldn't be able to make online threats with impunity either. This is not free speech.

Hopefully if Bhide is found guilty, he doesn't just receive a slap on the wrist.

It's scary to think how many more men have the twisted mindset of Elliot and allegedly Bhide. Apparently there are plenty of men out there who have themselves convinced that the women of the world are just there for their taking, and blame whatever misery they feel on women they've never even met before.

Whether it's the government, religion, or women, sick people will always find something or someone else to blame for their unhappiness, when really, they need to look no further than their own minds.

Are you glad cops are taking online threats seriously? Do you think that will continue?


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