Obsessed Soccer Fan Allegedly Kills Wife & 2 Kids Before Watching World Cup

Carlo Lissi isn't just any fan of soccer. If the charges against him are true, he's the most extremely obsessed -- possibly deranged -- one we've heard of to date. The 31-year-old Italian man reportedly murdered his wife and two young daughters at their home in Milan before leaving to meet friends at a bar, where any sliver of a guilty conscience he may have had didn't prevent him from watching his beloved Italian team play England in the World Cup series.


Lissi has been charged with triple murder after the bodies of 38-year-old mom Cristina Omes, his 5-year-old daughter Guilia, and his 20-month-old baby girl Gabriele were found at his home. Police say the man slit his wife's throat with a knife while she was watching TV before killing his little girls by slicing their throats as they slept. His wife and kids also suffered from stab wounds, according to officials.

Lissi, who works as an IT consultant, then reportedly took off for a bar just before midnight so he could catch Italy's first World Series game against England. Police say he threw the murder weapon down a manhole on his way to meet friends at the bar.

When he returned home a few hours later, the father allegedly called police himself to report the dead bodies of his family. Police say Lissi confessed to killing them, said he did it because he was in love with another woman, and told them to give him the maximum penalty.

Simply based on the fact that he may have killed three people that he is supposed to protect and cherish -- or, at the very least, respect enough to keep alive -- I would have no problem granting him his wish, if I were a judge. His justification for killing this poor woman and his own babies, of course, makes zero sense. Just divorce your wife. Move on with the other woman. And don't let the door hit you on the way out.

And don't even get me started on how anyone could do something like this and then sit at a bar and watch sports. If Lissi was guilty, what was he thinking?

What do you suspect would drive someone to do something so horrific to his family?


Image via John Fischer/Flickr

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