Father Kills His Wife & Two Children on Father's Day (VIDEO)

While many families were taking their father out to brunch for Father's Day, one father was murdering his. Unhinged dad Barry C. Jernigan, 35, killed his wife, Renotta, and their two children, ages 9 and 2, before turning the gun on himself. Family, friends, and neighbors say there was no hint that Jernigan would destroy his entire family on Father's Day.


Neighbors described hearing gun shots coming from the home in suburban Chesterfield, Virginia and running to find out what was happening. Two neighbors rushed into the home and discovered little 2-year-old Seth bloody in his crib. He was alive at first but tragically succombed to his injuries at the hospital. Renotta had managed to stumble out of the white, ranch-style home and collapse in the yard in front of horrified neighbors.

While Jernigan had a criminal record, for reckless driving and involuntary manslaughter, there was no history of reported domestic violence. Police wouldn't give out details of Jernigan's crime.

Neighbors said the family seemed fine and nothing appeared to be wrong with the couple. One neighbor said she even saw Jernigan walking along the street the day of the murders, and he called over to wish her husband a happy Father's Day.

Facebook photos show what look like an enviably healthy, attractive, and happy family. Could the very day -- Father's Day -- have triggered something deep within him?

One report says that Jernigan has called his employer the day of the killing, and made suicidal threats. Had something happened with his job?

Jernigan's devastated father said he too didn't know of anything particularly wrong with his son -- and he is shocked and horrified that he killed his baby too. He said:

I don't know why he took that little baby, that little baby was the world to me.

No one knows the depth of darkness that can envelope one's soul, and something horrific, ugly, and murderous enveloped this father's. Why it erupted with such terrible violence, even taking out two young children, on Father's Day, will likely forever remain a mystery.

Life can get unbearable sometimes, but there is never a reason to take your family with you.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-2378255 (TALK).

Image via CBS 6

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