Jealous Man Reportedly Shoots Ex-Wife & New Boyfriend at High School Reunion

Lori A. Moore and Lance E. Griffel
Lori A. Moore and Lance E. Griffel

There are few emotions more destructive than jealousy. An Illinois couple found this out the hard way when they attended a high school reunion in Illinois, where they were reportedly confronted and fatally shot by the woman's envious ex-husband. James A. Moore, 40, reportedly ripped through Fifth Quarter Sports Bar and Pizzeria, where former students had gathered for the East Peoria Class of 1999 High School reunion, and opened fire, shooting and killing his ex, Lori A. Moore, and her new love, Lance E. Griffel.


Lori, 33, reportedly filed for divorce in 2013 and had obviously moved on with her life -- but her ex was unable to accept this reality. He allegedly shot them both in the head and they were pronounced dead at a local hospital a short time later.

The bar was apparently packed with at least 100 people at the time.

There's no way of telling whether the gunman had any intention of shooting other people because an undercover police officer who was attending the reunion shot Moore using a concealed weapon. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. The officer's identity hasn't been revealed.

Thank God the undercover agent was at the bar that night. It's totally possible that the shooter wouldn't have stopped with just two victims, especially if the motive we suspect -- jealousy -- was at the root of this revenge killing.

Of course, this does nothing to bring back the innocent woman and man who died for no reason other than the fact that they were lucky enough to find happiness together. It's terrifying and sad to think that Lori and Griffel weren't given an opportunity to grow in their love together and that Moore was unable to move ahead and find his own happiness.

No matter how many times we hear about domestic violence and crime, it always comes as a shock to learn that nearly one-third of all women who are homicide victims are killed by a husband or boyfriend.

Given the circumstances of this terrible crime and the fact that three lives -- including the suspect's -- were claimed because of it, justice will not be served this time. 

Have you ever dealt with a jealous ex? How did you handle it?


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