Baby Tragically Drowns While Her Father Washes the Dishes

When you hear about a father being charged in the death of his baby, it's usually a horrible, disgusting story of abuse. There is no death of a child that isn't horrific, but this one is different. Father Dan Castillano of the Bronx, New York has been charged with manslaughter in the death of his 14-month-old girl Leslie Nicole Castillano. She and her 3-year-old brother were taking a bath and the father was alone with them and out in the kitchen doing dishes when a downstairs neighbor noticed water coming through her ceiling.


The neighbor's son and the superintendent reportedly knocked on Castillano's door and told him about the water. The dad was surprised to hear this and reportedly wasn't aware of anything wrong. "Let me check," he reportedly said, and went into the bathroom. That is when he screamed.

Somehow the water was overflowing, and his baby girl was drowning. She later developed complications and died at the hospital.

While we can all agree that small children shouldn't be left alone in a tub, this doesn't sound like the case where the babysitter left two children in a tub while she played on Facebook for an hour, with the youngest drowning.

Reportedly, after the 23-year-old dad screamed and yelled "My baby! My baby!" he began chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth. He was clearly horrified. Perhaps there are some facts missing in this report, but this wasn't a dad who was off somewhere doing something totally irresponsible, he was in the next room doing dishes.

How many parents have been distracted and forgotten about their children momentarily? All it takes is a few moments for something to happen. Definitely not an excuse, but this sounds like a tragic accident.

Do you think this dad deserves some compassion?


Image via coolmathteacher/Flickr

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